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Photoshop How To: Setting the Default Unit to Pixels

As someone who works with the web I typically want my photoshop measurements in Pixels (px) opposed to inches, picas, or any of the other measurements they offer. 

To change this to pixels:

  1. File >> Preferences
  2. Go to "Units & Rulers"
  3. Change the Units to "pixels"

Also, if you want to be able to resize things in pixels be sure to have the "Resample Image" box checked.  That will result in the top pixel section being editable.

How set photoshop use pixels by default
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Hot Web Trends for 2014

In preparation for several redesigns I have coming up I started compiling list of ideas on super nifty web trends for 2014. Here are a few great links I found:


And of course, the ever reliable:

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960 Grid Web Design

I pretty much always partner up with a graphic designer who creates PSDs that I then use to create themes for Drupal.  This is a great tool I've sent to some of my designers to help them with layout.

P.S. Yes, I know there's a bit of controversy about how great the 960 Grid system is these days but I have to say - I still think it's a really good starting point and better than just eye-balling things in a design comp.


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