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Using Web Fonts in Email Campaigns

We can beautify web pages with amazing Typography by using web fonts. But what about in email campaigns?

Litmus tips fonts in emails
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Using php Webhooks for Mailchimp

If you need your php based site to interact with Mailchimp in an advanced way there are a number of webhooks available.

Here's a PHP example:

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How to Add Mailchimp Signup Forms to Twitter

Go to this page in MailChimp to get all of the keys and IDs you will need to enter into Twitter.

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How to Add Mailchimp Signup Forms to Facebook

Build your mailing list by adding a signup form on Facebook!



Assign forms to Facebook Pages

  1. Click your profile name to open the Account Panel and choose Account Settings.

    Account settings

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eMarketing Service Providers

Looking for a good eMarketing Service Provider?  There are 2 that I've used for a number of years that I've been really happy with.

It's hard to say which I like better because they both do pretty much the same thing, and have fairly reasonable rates.  If had to be swayed one way or the other though, it would be MailChimp. They must have an amazing creative team because the site is filled with silly jokes and MONKEYS!!!

MailChimp eMarketing
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