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Reflect Who You Are

I work hard to understand your business and build a website that will be most effective for your specific needs. I put ourselves in the shoes of your client to help determine the most effective colors, layout, mood, content, etc. to include on your website.

Make a Good Impression

Just as you want to make a good impression with your physical appearance, your website should make a good first impression on your clients. Many people make purchasing decisions based on their impressions of a business' website.

Be User Friendly

A website that has all the bells and whistles but is confusing to users is a waste of money. I have been involved in many usability studies and done extensive research on what works well and not so well for users. User friendliness is a top priority at Fox Web Development!

Be Easily Found on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other Search Engines

As wonderful as your website may be, if no one can find it using Google, Yahoo, or other search engines you’re just not going to see the results you are hoping for. I incorporate various web standards and good programming practices in order to make your site as easy for Yahoo and Google to read as possible.

Function Correctly for Everyone

There are a wide variety of types of web browsers and computers that your potential clients are using. I are firm believers and dedicated to ensuring your website functions properly (and as identically as possible) whether your clients are using a Macintosh or Windows. I also ensure that your website functions correctly using the most popular Web Browsers such as Microsoft Windows Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, and Safari.

Be Easy to Maintain and Expand in the Future

Once you’ve made the initial investment in your website it’s important to keep it up to date and to expand it as your business grows. Fox Web Development understands the importance of providing a website that is easy for you to keep up to date and that will be cost efficient to expand as time goes by. When possible, I develop it so that you have as much control as you are comfortable having. That way, when you want to make small textual updates you can do this on your own instead of paying a web developer to do it.