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Changing Your Default Theme via the Database

Oops! Something went terribly wrong with your theme and you can't get into the admin.  Have no fear.... you can get back to a Drupal default theme setting it in the databse. Just run a few commands and you're back to using Garland!


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Hot Web Trends for 2014

In preparation for several redesigns I have coming up I started compiling list of ideas on super nifty web trends for 2014. Here are a few great links I found:

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Using CSS to create drop shadows

Tip: If the drop shadow isn't appearing, try adding a width.

CSS Code:

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Reponsive Design: With only a Gazillion Viewport Sizes, what's a Girl to do?

Viewport for iPad, iPhone, Android

I always make it a point to develop websites that are "mobile "friendly" which to me means it "functions and looks pretty good".  Recently though I've been working on creating websites with a "Responsive Design" where sizes and content 'magically' adjust themselves based on the...

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Using php Webhooks for Mailchimp

If you need your php based site to interact with Mailchimp in an advanced way there are a number of webhooks available.

Here's a PHP example:

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