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Printing CCK Fields in Custom node.tpl.php Files

To let Drupal handle all the wrappers and formatting, use this:

    print render($content['field_fancy_title']);


To print the raw, untouched value, use this:

    print $content['field_fancy_title']['#items']['0']['value'];

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Drupal Constant Contact Module Erroring Out

in the module's file, change the beginning of function get_lists


    function get_lists($action = 'lists', $exclude = 3)
        $xml = $this->load_url($action);

            return false;

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Print only the Body field in Drupal 7

print $node->body['und'][0]['value'];

or try

print render($content['body']);

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How to Style a Dropdown Select Box

Here's a great article on how to style a drop down option with your own arrow image instead of the default browser arrow.

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How to Add Google Fonts to Drupal Theme

Drupal themes are a little special in that you have to take special steps to add tags or code to the <head> tag of your html.  If you want to include a Google Font to your theme the most efficient way to do this is to add this code snippet to your theme's template.php file:


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