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Troubleshooting Tip: Superfish Dropdown Menu Not Working

Drupal Superfish Dropdown Not Working

1) Make sure you have the superfish library installed at /sites/all/libraries/superfish

2) Adjust the jquery version you are using to be 1.7.  This is under /admin/config/development/jquery_update

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How to Change Code Editor Colors in Dreamweaver

Change Dreamweaver Color Scheme

Ever wanted to customize the colors in your Dreamweaver Code editor?  Well you can!!

You can grab a pre-made xml file and replace Dreamweaver's default, or you can edit each individual preference.

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How Does Facebook Choose an Image from a Page That's Shared on your Wall?

Go here to to debug, and to clear FB's cached version of the page you're trying to share:


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Awesome SEO checklist for when launching a new site!!!

This list covers the top 30 things you should consider when it comes to getting a new site live and into the search index.

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Adjusting Cache and Performance Settings in Drupal 7

drupal 7 performance settings configuration

In Drupal 7 you can configure performance and cache settings under /admin/config/development/performance

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