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Create a Website Potfolio Showing Sites on Multiple Devices

This is a super awesome tool that will grab separate screnshots for an iPad, Laptop, and iPhone! Use it to generate images for your website portfolio!!/stages/ipad-macbook-and-iphone-6


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Magically Generate CSS for a Background Gradient to Match Your PSD!

Did you get a comp from a designer that has a gradient for a background?  Here's a tool that will accept an image and match the gradient for you and provide cross-browser CSS to use as your background CSS!

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Want to Control the Thumbnail and Text when you Post or Share Something to Facebook?

Control Facebook Thumbnail Default

Use the Facebook Debug Tool
First, check to see what FB is seeing by using their Debug Tool:

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Photoshop How To: Setting the Default Unit to Pixels

How set photoshop use pixels by default

As someone who works with the web I typically want my photoshop measurements in Pixels (px) opposed to inches, picas, or any of the other measurements they offer. 

To change this to pixels:

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If Your iPhone is Ignoring Your Responsive CSS Media Queries

Make phone see media query

Make sure this is in the head tag to make sure that phones and mobile devices are looking at your css media queries!

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