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Using a Super Easy and Lightweight Responsive Framework for a Drupal 7 Theme

960 grid 1024 grid responsive design

As much as I love Bootstrap I don't always need all the fany stuff it provides, especailly since I use it as basic framework for custom Drupal 7 themes. 

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How to add the Viewport metatag for Drupal 7 sites

If you want your site to be responsive and mobile friendly, the Viewport metatag must be included in the <head> tag of your html.

To do this in Drupal 7, in your theme's template.php file add this code:


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How to Check if a CCK Field Exists on a Node

Getting 'index not defined' errors because you're trying to use a field that may not exist or have a value on a node? Here's a way to check to make sure the node has a value for the field before trying to actually do something with the field.

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How to Print CCK Fields in Custom node Templates (node--custom.tpl.php)

If you have a custom node template such as node--news.tpl.php and want to print out values of the fields there are a few ways to do this, depeding on what all you want to be rendored.

The two I use most often are:

1) The simplest way, which gives you all the wrapper classes:

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How to Change the Background Color of your WYSIWYG Editor

WYSIWYG Background Color

For tinymce:


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