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eMarketing Service Providers

MailChimp eMarketing

Looking for a good eMarketing Service Provider?  There are 2 that I've used for a number of years that I've been really happy with.

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How to print a Region in node.tpl.php (or another custom tpl.php file) in D7

Drupal 7 Print Region

In theme’s .info file:

regions[content_bottom] = Content Bottom

In your theme's template.php file:

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Trouble Getting your 'GET' Variables to Work?

PHP for GET Variables

Always make sure you do some error checking before trying to use the GET variable!

In this example we are passing something like this:

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Where the heck did the Show/Hide Submission Text Go in D7???

Drupal 7 Submission Text Setting

Anyone who's been working with Drupal for a while has definitely figured out that there were a LOT of changes from 6 to 7.  One that I had a hard time finding is where in the world the option to show or hide the Submission info went.  It turns out it's on each content type's setting.

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