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A Few Recommended Web Hosting Providers

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A Few Recommended Web Hosting Providers

Looking for a reasonably priced, reliable web hosting service with good technical support?  Here are a few of my recommendations:

  • Dreamhost - This is who my site is currently hosted with.  It's a good option for very small budet.  As of right now I am just on a shared plan for about $10/month. I recently learned they offer a VPS service for only $15/month and I plan on switching over to that.
  • Bluehost - A number of my clients use this service for web hosting and have been happy with them.
  • LiquidWeb - If you have at least $50/month to spend on web hosting this is absolutely the company I would recommend!  AMAZING customer service includes 24/hr chat support with representatives who are actually helpful!  One of the marketing agencies I consult for uses a single VPS plan to host about 20 Drupal sites and it works great!
  • Rackspace - I used these guys for years and while they DO have great tech support, and reliable up-time they are kind of pricey even for the lower level services which can run rather slow.