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How to Add Mailchimp Signup Forms to Facebook

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How to Add Mailchimp Signup Forms to Facebook

Build your mailing list by adding a signup form on Facebook!



Assign forms to Facebook Pages

  1. Click your profile name to open the Account Panel and choose Account Settings.

    Account settings

  2. Click the Extras drop down menu on the account page and choose Integrations.

    Extras integrations

  3. Click Facebook to open the integration details.
  4. Click the Page to use drop down menu and choose the Facebook page you'd like to place the signup form on.

    Configure Facebook page

    If you're not seeing the Facebook page you want to place a signup form on, make sure your personal Facebook account integrated with MailChimp is considered an administrator of that Facebook page over on the Facebook side of things. Also be sure to review our Facebook integration guide to make sure all necessary permissions were in place when the integration was set up.

  5. In the List to use drop down menu, choose which list's form you want on this page. If you don't want a form on this page, just choose no list connected.

    List to use

  6. Click the yes radio button under Use signup form tab to activate the tab on the Facebook page. This will open additional options for the form.

    Yes radio button

  7. In the Form theme drop down, choose which form style you'd like. If you choose My List's Theme (default), your signup form will look like your MailChimp hosted signup form. If you select Facebook-esque, your signup form will blend more into Facebook's overall look.
  8. Assign a name for your tab in the Tab label field.
    Tab label
  9. Click save and wait for confirmation that your changes have been saved.

    Changes saved

Facebook visitors will now see a MailChimp signup tab on a page. When they click the tab they'll be able to sign up to your list

Signup tab

If you need to change the list associated with your page, just head back to the Integrations page to make any changes.